UFC Train PH: Good Introductory MMA Gloves at a Bargain Price


“Train Like a Pro, Feel Like a Pro”

Let’s be frank: Most of us were introduced to MMA through the UFC. At some point, we so wanted to own a pair of bad-ass UFC fight gloves, whether for training, for fighter signing, or even donning them while we watch a UFC PPV in the comforts of our respective man caves to make our fanboy experience complete!

This begs the question: Are UFC gear any good? As I search different online communities, the consensus reads: They’re exceptionally good for their price point. And we couldn’t agree more.

UFC Train PH 5

In the different epochs of the UFC, the promotion has partnered with a number of manufacturers in producing their licensed  gear. Since 2017, Dyaco inherited the mantle from Century. Locally, UFC gear is distributed exclusively by Lifesports Inc.

We tried our hands on the two types of UFC MMA gloves available locally: The 5-oz UFC Contender MMA gloves and the 6-oz UFC Contender fitness gloves. The good thing about running my own Jiu-Jitsu PE class in Enderun is I get to try gears out in a controlled environment. For full disclosure, I prefer to grapple with my hands bare, so I only tested the gloves in one session.

5-oz UFC Contender MMA Gloves

UFC Train PH 4The 5-oz gloves closely mimics the 4-oz UFC official fight gloves. Differences include the use of engineered leather in the Contender MMA gloves, a fully open palm design for the official fight gloves, and a dual-strap system in the official fight gloves. For all these, the price difference is significant: The Contender MMA gloves retail at P1,999, while the official fight gloves cost $100 (~P5,000) via the UFC Store.