Eric Kelly Open to Training with Team Lakay for Timofey Nastyukhin

kelly banario

 “I plan to speak with Coach Mark when I go home.”


Eric “The Natural” Kelly lives in Baguio City.

His brother, Edward, is a member of Team Lakay.

So why is Eric not training with Team Lakay?

According to Kelly, he’s still not sure if he wants to settle down.

“Currently, I don’t have a stable camp that I train in. Probably the camp I frequent the most is Tribal Submission. But wherever I feel comfortable training, that’s where I go. That’s my nature.

“Team Lakay is probably at the highest level in terms of MMA training in our country, so I do like to train with them, but at the same time I don’t want to be controlled. If I join Team Lakay, I think Coach Mark [Sangiao] will not allow me to train in another gym. At 33 and close to retirement, I want to gain as much knowledge from other gyms. I think of myself as an adventure. Ayaw kong matali.”


PXC Laban MMA 4 Results: Pacatiw overthrows Francisco; gaining 5 kgs an advantage

PXC Laban MMA 1

Jeremy Pacatiw is Headed to the PXC Pro League


Team Lakay’s Jeremy Pacatiw won against D’ Elements MMA’s Ralf Francisco via Unanimous Decision during the main event of PXC Laban MMA 4 at Baguio Convention Center on February 27, 2016. This event coincided with the 2016 Panagbenga Festival, and it was just as successful as when the promotion mounted their first event last year.

In the first round, Pacatiw used his wrestling to bully Francisco on the ground, at one time attempting a rear naked choke. The second the bell rang for the next frame, Pacatiw went straight for a powerful takedown. For most of the round, Francisco was pinned on the ground and Pacatiw maintained the dominant position.

There were a lot of action on the ground during the first and second salvos, but in the third round, both fighters exchanged strikes and kicks with each other. Then again, Pacatiw was able to take Francisco down but and went for a massive beating in the last 10 seconds of the bout. (more…)

Coach Mark Sangiao: “Hopefully we can get both belts to start the new year right”


Team Lakay’s head honcho talks about title shots, fan support, managing training camps, and what the future holds for one of Asia’s best martial arts teams.


Coach Mark Sangiao has always been very gracious and amiable the few times this writer has managed to speak with him. If one was not knowledgeable in the local MMA scene, it would feel like you were speaking with your best friend’s older brother or an older cousin – it’s just how he relates to people that makes a conversation feel down-to-earth.

But for the fans who know him for his exploits in the ring and out, he will always be “The Machine”: an apt description considering he runs one of the best martial arts teams on this side of the globe like a well-oiled, finely tuned mechanism.


This January is particularly a busy time for the team. Crisanto Pitpitunge fights Jenel Lausa for the vacant PXC flyweight title on January 16, 2016 at the Solaire Resort and Casino, and on January 23 Kevin Belingon challenges Bibiano Fernandes for the ONE bantamweight title at the Changsha Stadium in Changsha, China.

With the immediate match in mind, the chance for Pitpitunge to win titles in different weight classes is of course on Coach Mark’s mind. “The record is there for the taking and he is really focused on winning this fight for that achievement, which is why the fans will see the best version of Crisanto on Saturday.”