Fightwear Talk: Comparing Urijah Faber’s Reebok to Baron Geisler’s Hayabusa


Anyone Bought a Reebok Fight Kit Yet?

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As if seeing Urijah Faber’s butt chin on a regular basis is not enough, “The California Kid” mooned everyone when he fought Dominick Cruz at UFC 199. Valerie Letourneau’s fight-altering wardrobe malfunction didn’t help either. To say that Reebok is failing to outfit UFC fighters with the best technical clothing inside the Octagon is an understatement – especially when other technical clothing brands have been in the business long before the UFC shoo’ed them away altogether to cater to Reebok.


Enter last Saturday’s URCC Fight Night, infamously dubbed “Bigwasan Sa Palace”. Let’s be honest: Baron Geisler was not in the best shape of his life. He trained for two, maybe three weeks. Before that, probably nothing. Yet everyone cheered as he entered the cage, extra padded gloves akin to Bruce Lee’s in “Enter the Dragon” for his hands, and a pair of Hayabusa Spirit of the Fighter shorts for everything else.

Those shorts held up very well. Baron was on the ground in the first, then he was on top in the second. Kiko Matos and him were running across the cage as they exchanged punches, some knees, and even a spinning back kick that totally missed. But those shorts held up very well.

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What are the Best Gloves in the Market Today?


Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis, Hands Down.


Canada-based technical clothing and equipment brand Hayabusa has always been at the forefront of providing the most reliable gear for today’s combat sports athletes. This point is highlighted by the Dual-X velcro closure straps they pioneered for their gloves, a wrist support feature that has since been integrated into the latest generation of official UFC fight gloves.

In 2012, the company introduced its revolutionary Tokushu series, boasting of its patented hand and wrist protection technologies and crack-resistant engineered leather, which gear reviews hailed as the gold standard for striking gloves at the time.

Fast-forward to 2015, Hayabusa came out with Tokushu Regenesis, a rework of the original series to address user concerns from the 2012 line. Simply put, these gloves are as close to perfect as they can be.


Quality over aesthetics. Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis striking gloves come in limited colors: 10oz – Blue, Purple; 12oz – Lime Green; 14oz – Orange; 16oz – White, Red, Black; 16oz+ – Grey

In this article, we look at the features that make Tokushu Regenesis leagues above its competitors.

Dual-X Wrist Closure and Fusion Splinting

Wrist straps should not be meant to just keep your gloves from flying off your hands. Compared to single velcro wrist closures, Hayabusa’s patented Dual-X wrist closure system maximizes wrist support to prevent injuries. (more…)