Nhong Laurio on MMA Comeback: “This One’s for the Team”


The newly minted Brazilian Luta Livre blue belt (under Maestro Afonso Cego) hopes to mount another comeback for Team Sprawl.


It seems Team Sprawl has a newfound vigor. The pioneering fight team from Cubao is out headhunting for lost sheen, and main man Sulpiano “Nhong” Laurio is leading the charge.

Following the successful comeback of Miguel Alo early this year, Laurio is set to get a feel of MMA competition again after almost five years of inactivity. Laurio last fought in 2012 when he faced former URCC featherweight world champion Red Romero.

It was a fight he took on short notice and suffered the consequences. His two other losses in nine bouts came at the hands of high-caliber opposition in Andrew Benibe (another former URCC titleholder) and a Team Lakay standout. Now 41 years old, Laurio remains a well-oiled machine. He may have been sidelined for some time but he made sure training never stopped.

Forza Underground: Student vs. Student, Pro-Am vs. Pro-Am


Forget about trash-talking your way to MMA stardom. Practice, practice more, and wait for the next Forza Underground event to prove your worth.


No one bursts into the MMA scene a superstar. It takes endless hours of sparring and drilling in the gym, and tons of confidence gathered from years of ring or cage experience. But even then, you need to train some more.

This is something ONE standout and top Filipino bantamweight Burn Soriano knows all too well. It is also what he wants every aspiring fighter to keep in mind. That’s why he, along with Gonzalo Roque IV of Forza Apparel, put up Forza Underground MMA Battle and Concert (San Miguel Octoberfest), which will take place on October 20 at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City.

The Toughest Kids in School


Mark Raymundo’s Fight Tour: Lion’s Den Bicol Top Team


Matching Skill with that Uragon Attitude


The goal is to visit teams from different regions across the country. After visiting Team Tribal Torogi in Baguio, I headed to Bicol, particularly Daraga, Albay, where one team is proving to be a dominant force in the local circuit.

In case you’re wondering: Lion’s Den Bicol Top Team does not build their game around the shootfighting style popularized by Ken Shamrock.  While they emphasize the importance of bare-bones toughness, Lion’s Den acknowledges that attitude is king.

The team works their balls off and hones their skills to match their authentic Uragon grit. Under head coach Dante Madrideo, Lion’s Den has sent fighters to the URCC, PXC, King of the Cage, AFC, and now, Eruption.

It was at Eruption in Ibalong where I witnessed first-hand how Lion’s Den fighters claw their way from one victory to another. I was particularly impressed with the slick grappling of Herbert Locre and the veteran smarts of Elias Duran Sapo. Of course, this is the same team where ONE strawweight Jeremy Miado got his headstart and developed his craft. That itself is a testament to the level of training this gym offers.