Mark Raymundo’s Fight Tour: Team Torogi Tribal Submission


Baguio-Based MMA and Muay Thai Team Bridging the Gap to Build Future Champions


Take a stool and observe one of Coach Christian Gazmin’s grappling or MMA classes. Handling a packed night class, the retired US Marine’s voice is loud and clear. Then you remember that this is Baguio, and you’re almost sure that a future world champion could be right there listening intently.

“Efficiency and hard work go hand in hand. We drill a lot so the techniques become second nature. We make sure the holes in our game are recognized and addressed.” Emphasizing the basics, Coach Christian, or Coach Cricket as he is fondly called, makes sure every technique is drilled perfectly down to the smallest detail before moving on to the next.

This great attention to detail, along with experience and sheer skill, is perhaps what got Coach Brent Velasco the coaching chores for the Muay Thai national team once again. Coach Brent is, of course, a three-time world Muay Thai champion and the founder of Team Torogi, the Muay Thai-based MMA team that merged with Gazmin’s Tribal Submission to form this new formidable team.

Miguel Alo: Team Sprawl’s Prodigal Son Could Be Philippine MMA’s Comeback Kid


Regaining Glory Starts at FightCon


After defeating heavy hitter Mario Sismundo in 2012, Team Sprawl’s Miguel Alo went on hiatus to focus on life outside of MMA. This came as a shock to rabid fans as the wrestling hotshot had a promising career, having also beaten former URCC featherweight champion Red Romero and shared the ring with Will Chope.

“This is the first time I’ll be fighting while having an 8-to-5 job. I can say that training after office hours is very difficult as compared to doing only MMA. But it makes you a tougher person, and that quality carries over inside the cage and other aspects of life.”

On May 13 at FightCon, he will be up against Submission Sport’s Benjo Penzon, who despite not having as much professional MMA experience than Alo, has remained active in the grappling scene during his time off. Alo, however, maintains that he is in shape 365 days a year even if he’s not competing.

In his words, “I hibernated for five years, but I’m always fighting in my dreams when I’m asleep.”

Jeremy “The Jaguar” Miado Aims to Impress at ONE: Kings of Destiny

jeremy miado

Miado Eyes Using Newfound Confidence in BJJ at International Debut


Interviewing Jeremy Miado almost feels like chatting with an amateur fighter. No, we’re not talking about the arrogance of someone who’s had a month of jiu-jitsu training and thinks he can take on anyone on the street. Jeremy is the polar opposite.

A native of Legazpi City, Albay, Miado has the humility of a neophyte putting on a pair of gloves for the first time. But obviously, he is far from that. Miado is, in fact, the current Blaze FC strawweight champion.

On April 21, in a card littered with ONE’s Filipino staples, he will have the chance to prove that he is fit for the big leagues as he steps inside the ONE Championship cage for the first time. His opponent is compatriot Robin Catalan of Catalan Fighting System.