Standout Performances: Tiger BRAWL Bacolod

Excellent matchups, no circus of any form, just fights — the return of Tiger BRAWL Bacolod is in the books. Seriously, the only real intermission that night was when the crowd sang “Happy birthday” to Rio Saoy. On a night filled with thrilling performances, here are a few that stand out:

50469995_2551042798245290_1222337388815056896_nMark “The Shark” Nimanand (6100 Martial Arts and Fitness) vs. Rio “Pitbull” Saoy (Mactan Combat Sports)

A well-conditioned Saoy absorbed the best of Nimanand’s punches, and even took him down in the heat of battle. But Nimanand had takedowns of his own, and finished strong on all three rounds to take the unanimous decision.

>> Huge props to the young Nimanand for forcing a former Muay Thai national team member to take the fight to the ground on several occasions. With the backing of a solid team, this young prospect may find his place in the industry if he gives the sport enough focus.

50422506_2551040694912167_8184587548677373952_nJoemar “The Island Fighter” Bayang (Legacy Gym Boracay) vs. Pablo “The Boomer” Meñosa (Pure Muscle Gym)

Bayang dropped Meñosa with a solid right and immediately went to mount. Meñosa managed to escape and get back to his feet only to be taken down and eventually tapped to an armbar at 1:55 of round 2.

>> Bayang may not be much of a gem in a weight class where there is a surplus of agility and quickness. But he’s confident, charismatic, and delivers enough intensity to make for some quality viewing pleasure every time.

50779166_2551043124911924_5644092699213561856_nIntoy “Pretty Boy” Paltingca (Clint Besario MMA) vs. Marco Birch (Legacy Gym Boracay)

After enduring Birch’s tremendous back control for much of rounds 1 and 2, Paltingca came out guns ablaze in round 3. He even threatened Birch with a Darce choke at one point. In the end, he took the split, albeit unpopular, decision over the Danish BJJ purple belt. Props to both fighters for putting up a great show.

>> While Paltingca didn’t look much of a pretty boy after the fight, you have to admire the native of Dumaguete for his resilience. And with a lean 5’11” frame and an improving all-around game, he is quite a prospect. Heard his name was mentioned as a possible opponent for Mosquera that night. Wonder how that would have played out?

50898571_2550972564918980_1087758350986248192_oVictor “The Gladiator” Torre (MUMMA) vs. Bingbong Mayormita (Yaw-Yan Kampilan)

Torre ended up on the ground after a spinning back kick that missed its target — no problem for the Fabricio blue belt who eventually sank an armbar at 2:56 of the first round.

>> With eight victories in the URCC, Torre is a true veteran of the sport, and he made sure Mayormita knows it. Rare is the fighter who wins the race against father time, and Torre looks like he doesn’t stop improving. We certainly want to see more of him.

50683966_2550977661585137_8081189737194323968_nMiguel Mosquera (6100 Fitness and Martial Arts/Submission Sport Philippines) vs. Afonso “Cego” Celso, Jr. (Catalan Fighting System)

Facing a respected Luta Livre black belt, Mosquera did a great job keeping the fight on the feet. He picked his opponent apart by alternately landing shots to the head and body, and ultimately finished with some solid ground n’ pound at 2:18 of round 1.

>> Mosquera blasted Cego with some hard shots to the body that forced Cego to get careless and drop his defenses. Good job on Mosquera for doing his homework. Let’s see more of that this year!



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