Here are 5 Must-Haves from the MMA Philippines Christmas Bazaar 2016


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

MMA Philippines partners up with Hayabusa and Venum Philippines once more as we take part in the World Bazaar Festival for the second straight year!

This year, we’re slashing off prices from more items – even our recent arrivals – to fulfill every MMA fan’s Christmas wishlist. So how about we share with you five (of the many) great value items that we’ll be getting for ourselves?

1) Hayabusa Ikusa Recast Boxing Gloves (PHP 3,250 from PHP 4,500 above)


Hayabusa gloves are arguably one of the best in the market. When they redesigned their popular Ikusa line in 2015, they did more than just making the Recast look super bad-ass.

One of the major adjustments they made for the new line was redesigning the thumb position to allow for more space and movement for your thumbs. This was to address the concern of some users of the original 2012 line, who reported ‘thumb-stubbing’ and an awkward strain in their thumbs as a result of the more constricted thumb padding then.

Hayabusa continuously innovates on the quality of the engineered leather they use for their gloves. The Recast boasts of the same material as its big brother Tokushu Regenesis (10oz on sale at the bazaar), a huge leap in terms of its durability, while maintaining its winning features such as Hayabusa’s patented dual wrist closure system. What this means is years of superior protection for your sparring and heavy bag sessions inside the gym!

2) Kyoudo Prime Fight Shorts (PHP 2,500 from PHP 3,700)

kyoudo prime

Kyoudo Prime is one of Hayabusa’s latest releases, and we’re already slashing off 35% for you! Kyoudo’s design is minimalistic – much like most of Hayabusa’s latest releases – which is perfect for those who do not want their apparel to scream its brand. It’s like Hayabusa is saying, “We’ll let our brand’s quality speak for itself.”

Kyoudo Prime continues Hayabusa’s legacy of producing the thickest, highest-quality fight shorts in the market. As a grappler, Hayabusa has always been my armor of choice on the mats. Especially when working the guard, their shorts do not ride up to cause any unnecessary peek-a-boo incidents. Hayabusa ensures that you’re secured, so all you need to worry about is the fight ahead of you.

3) Venum Hurricane Amazonia Fight Shorts (PHP 2,200 from PHP 3,300)

hurricane amazonia

In contrast, strikers tend to enjoy Venum’s softer fabric when moving in and out or practicing their kick game. The Hurricane Amazonia is classic Venum. Literally, the reptilian design integrated into the fight shorts are what put Venum on the map, fashion-wise. Performance-wise, Venum was practically outfitting half of the UFC roster before the UFC-Reebok deal kicked in, and elite strikers like Wanderlei Silva, Lyoto Machida, Carlos Condit, and Jose Aldo continued to train in Venum even after Reebok’s encroachment.

4) Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves (PHP 2,500 from PHP 3,250 above)


For enthusiasts who are fairly new to MMA or boxing, the Challenger 2.0 boxing gloves are the perfect first pair. Durable, well-fitting, boasting of a simple-but-cool design (especially the neon combinations), these gloves will serve you well as you work the bag and mitts. And, given its tag price, it’s a perfect gift for that friend or relative who’s into combat sports or fitness.

5) Venum Trainer Lite Sports (PHP 2,400 from PHP 3,700)

trainer lite

Seriously, don’t destroy a perfect pair of gloves. Don’t let your gi or fight shorts stink.

Part and parcel of training well is taking care of your gear. And nothing destroys your gear (and makes it stink!) more than trapped sweat. Venum’s Trainer Lite has both space and mesh panels to allow air to circumvent your used gear, minimizing microbial buildup until you can unload them at home. This Venum sports bag is a must-have!

See you all at the World Trade Center’s World Bazaar Festival (Booth No. 423) until December 22, 2016. Items are limited; get them while they last. Happy holidays!


John Hudson Go is the Editor-in-Chief of MMA Philippines.



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