Top MMA Fighters, Lakay La Trinidad Dominates 25th Grappler’s Cup


Team Lakay Grappler’s Cup Going Strong with 25th Event


The North has long been a training ground for an explosive breed of submission fighters. In the recent Grappler’s Cup that took place at the Baguio Convention Center, grapplers from different teams showed just why they are a force in the local grappling scene.

The event attracted PXC and ONE fighters like Danny Kingad and Harold Banario, who won their respective divisions. Overall team champion was Team Lakay La Trinidad, which drew strength from their younger grapplers.


“That’s the fun part—they’re strong, agile, and most of them started out young,” said participant Joshua Abella (Toughguys Fabricio), who last fought and made a good showing against grapplers from the North during the wrestling nationals in 2009.

“The experience made me respect the skills of the Cordillerans when it comes to grappling. They are very technical, and at the same time, explosive and strong. I think most of them do not have the means to compete in Manila but arguably, you can find some of the best and toughest grapplers here.”

Congratulations to organizer Coach Mark Sangiao and all the winners! The rest of the teams that participated include Lakay Central, University of the Cordilleras Wushu Jaguars, Gridlock Gym, Lakay San Fernando City (La Union), Fight Corps MMA, Tribal Submission Team Torogi, Bravehearts Gym, Attackers Gym, and Toughguys Fabricio.

Hopefully, more grapplers from Manila can climb up north to show their wares in the upcoming editions of Grappler’s Cup.


Complete Results


Harvey Leo (Lakay Central)

Geriel Co (Gridlock)

Gandre Xander Padcayan (Tribal Submission-Team Torogi)


Jahmiel Busacay (Lakay La Trinidad)

Arch Morzechai Delo (Gridlock)

Yuri Sarinto Gonzales (Gridlock)


Jhanlo Mark Sangiao (Lakay La Trinidad)

Shaman Ibis (Lakay La Trinidad)

Dominador Padcayan (Tribal Submission-Team Torogi) and Timothy Eming (Lakay La Trinidad)


May Bomogao (Lakay La Trinidad)

Mariah Co (Gridlock)

Chelsey Peligton (Lakay La Trinidad) and Ellysa Venice Loman (Lakay Central)

JUNIORS – MALE (16-17 y/o)

John Ira Barrientos (Lakay San Fernando City)

Ariel Jules Langaoan (Gridlock)

Dickson Eustaquio (UC Wushu Jaguars) and Charles Guiamas (Lakay Central)


April Osenio (UC Wushu Jaguars)

Jayvie Mae Espada (UC Wushu Jaguars)

Joanne Rose Bognadon (Lakay Central) and Frennie Mae Carantes (Lakay La Trinidad)

SENIORS MALE (51 kg-57 kg)

Jefraen Odalio (Lakay Central)

Jerick Gatchalian (Gridlock)

John Serbo (Lakay San Fernando City) and Elorde Nawen (Lakay La Trinidad)

SENIORS MALE (58 kg-64 kg)

Jaybee Ban-eg (Lakay La Trinidad)

Sylvester Domingo (Fight Corps)

Jared Almazan (Gridlock) and Taro Barrientos (Lakay San Fernando City)

SENIORS MALE (65 kg-71 kg)

Danny Kingad (UC Wushu Jaguars)

Jeremy Pacatiw (UC Wushu Jaguars)

Rannie Bunao(Lakay Central) and Arvin Jose (Gridlock)

SENIORS MALE (72 kg – 79 kg)

Harold Banario (UC Wushu Jaguars)

Aldwin Nicdao (Lakay Central)

Denver Luma-ang (Gridlock) and Daniel Gwon (Lakay San Fernando City)

SENIORS MALE (80 + kg)

Leo Alejandro (Gridlock)

Rafael Rebullida (Lakay Central)

Eleazar Belgica (Lakay San Fernando City) and Mark Jessie Nardo (Lakay San Fernando City)

80 + Kg Exhibition

Germaine Busacay

Special Awards

Best Submission – Jeremy Pacatiw (UC Wushu Jaguars) – Choke

Fastest Submission – Jahmiel Busacay (Lakay La Trinidad) – 32-second triangle choke

Top 5 Teams

Team Lakay La Trinidad

Team Lakay Central

University of the Cordilleras Wushu Jaguars

Gridlock Gym

Team Lakay San Fernando City

UFC Smart Bro

Mark “Sexymundo” Raymundo is a copywriter and an amateur fighter with a perfect record of 21-0. Nah, he’s just a copywriter.



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