Check Out the Crowd at Skinny Mike’s for Smart Bro UFC 200 Live Viewing


UFC 200 was an EPIC Weekend for Smart Bro Fight Fans

UFC Smart Bro

Since the UFC partnered up with Cignal TV and Smart Bro to carry the promotion’s exclusive content in the Philippines at the start of the year, Skinny Mike’s BGC has been a staple venue partner for live viewing events of the UFC’s best PPV events. July 10’s UFC 200, touted as the biggest fight card in MMA history, was no exception.

To give you a sense of just how crowded Skinny Mike’s got during the UFC 200 BROkada Live Viewing Party last Sunday, here’s a 360-degree image at the start of the co-main event between “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar and Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt.


Albeit a Smart Bro sponsored event, everyone was invited to watch for FREE at Skinny Mike’s. Of course, Smart Bro subscribers received perks such as free drinks and a free 30-day UFC Fight Pass.

Smart Bro also flew Smart Bro subscriber Mark McMahon, winner of their UFC 200 Fly Off promo, and a friend to Las Vegas to witness firsthand the festivities during International Fight Week, which culminated with UFC 200. “In the past, I just got jealous with those who could watch the UFC cards live, which is every fan’s ultimate dream,” said McMahon. “I am very grateful that Smart Bro fulfilled this dream for me. This is one experience I would never forget.”


As an exclusive partner of Cignal TV and Smart Bro for the UFC, we cannot wait to see all of you in the next Live Viewing Party they will organize. How about UFC 202, anyone? Until then, keep posted on MMA updates via MMA Philippines’ Facebook page, including announcements on live viewing events for the UFC’s upcoming fights. See you!


John Hudson Go is the Editor-in-Chief of MMA Philippines.



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