Fightwear Talk: Comparing Urijah Faber’s Reebok to Baron Geisler’s Hayabusa


Anyone Bought a Reebok Fight Kit Yet?

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As if seeing Urijah Faber’s butt chin on a regular basis is not enough, “The California Kid” mooned everyone when he fought Dominick Cruz at UFC 199. Valerie Letourneau’s fight-altering wardrobe malfunction didn’t help either. To say that Reebok is failing to outfit UFC fighters with the best technical clothing inside the Octagon is an understatement – especially when other technical clothing brands have been in the business long before the UFC shoo’ed them away altogether to cater to Reebok.


Enter last Saturday’s URCC Fight Night, infamously dubbed “Bigwasan Sa Palace”. Let’s be honest: Baron Geisler was not in the best shape of his life. He trained for two, maybe three weeks. Before that, probably nothing. Yet everyone cheered as he entered the cage, extra padded gloves akin to Bruce Lee’s in “Enter the Dragon” for his hands, and a pair of Hayabusa Spirit of the Fighter shorts for everything else.

Those shorts held up very well. Baron was on the ground in the first, then he was on top in the second. Kiko Matos and him were running across the cage as they exchanged punches, some knees, and even a spinning back kick that totally missed. But those shorts held up very well.


Fight shorts should never be just about the fashion. They shouldn’t rip when you’re grappling; they shouldn’t hinder your movements when you’re striking; and definitely, they should never leave you exposed no matter what the circumstance. Whether you’re not in the best shape of your life, but more so if you’re as fit as Urijah Faber, those shorts should hold! (Buti pa si Hodor.)

Since its inception, Hayabusa has continuously pushed its boundaries to provide MMA fighters and enthusiasts with the best gear, apparel, or equipment the world has to offer. Its fight shorts were worn by fighters in practically every UFC event before the UFC-Reebok deal kicked in. When they’re not forced to wear Reebok or UFC gear, fighters still use Hayabusa gloves and wear Hayabusa shorts for training. Today, Hayabusa is known as the gold standard for combat equipment and technical apparel.


The good news is, you don’t have to be a professional fighter or a serious MMA competitor to appreciate their products. “Baron Geisler kept on telling us how he loves the quality of our equipment,” Kyle Litonjua, general manager of Hayabusa Philippines, told us. “He was using a pair of Ikusa Recast boxing gloves in his preparation for the Kiko Matos fight.” (Was he really angry with Matos, or was it all just for show?) “Oh man, he was! He felt disrespected, said Kiko Matos lacked class. If you get to know Baron – the real Baron – he’s very professional.”

Some people might ask, “Why would Hayabusa work with someone like Baron Geisler?” According to Litonjua, “The brand does support Baron Geisler, but not the one Philippine media and the general public project him to be. We support his transformation from an alcoholic, a chain smoker to an instrument of change. The gym that he trained in, Freestyle MMA, he recently bought in to that organization, and they’re going to have a program for alcoholics and drug dependents to switch to martial arts. That’s inspiring.”


John Hudson Go is the Editor-in-Chief of MMA Philippines.



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