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Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos Brawl to a Draw

It was not a technical fight. We won’t even argue with you on that.

But Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos had a score to settle. And thousands of paying spectators roared inside Valkyrie Night Club last June 25 when URCC Fight Night reached its final match.

URCC Geisler Matos 1

URCC Geisler Matos 2In the first round, Baron came out swinging for the fences while Kiko was trying to control and pin Baron against the cage. Baron’s critical mistake was when he went for a takedown which Kiko swiftly reversed to gain side mount.

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URCC Geisler Matos 6After peppering Baron with some shots, Kiko improved his position to full mount, where he poured down on his opponent. Baron was practically helpless, barely able to protect his face from getting smashed by covering it with his hands. Round 1 was without a doubt Kiko’s round.

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URCC Geisler Matos 11In the second round, Baron opened with a spinning back kick that did not land flush. The two continued to exchange on their feet, with Baron gaining an advantage in these exchanges. Kiko rushed in, Baron defended and ended up grounding his opponent. Two choice knees to the body connected while Baron had Kiko in a front head lock. Baron was trying to mount Kiko but ended up in his open guard. A few more seconds of inaction and Referee Joey Lepiten stood the fighters up.

URCC Geisler Matos 12

URCC Geisler Matos 13At that point, Baron was barely able to stand up. Still, both fighters continued to punish the other. A few more exchanges before the next standstill. In the remaining seconds of the fight, Kiko was able to back Baron against the cage, landing a string of combinations before the bell rang.

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URCC Geisler Matos 15Kiko crumbled to the ground. Baron slumped onto his stool. The ring announcer promised a third round should the fight be ruled a draw. I was seated beside one of the judges, Jaime Sin. I helped him tally all the non-professional fights in the evening. Round 1 was Matos’. Round 2 was Geisler’s. I knew it was a unanimous draw even before it was announced. Whether Alvin Aguilar told referees Joey Lepiten and Franco Rulloda to ask the competitors if they could continue or not, or he told them to inform both corners that they will not push through with a third – draw or not, I do not know. It does not matter.

Knowing who’s better is not the point. This fight was about settling a score. It’s about an opportunity to fight each other safely, a fight that would have been more dangerous had it been done outside the cage. Eye-to-eye, fist-to-face, knee-to-body, that’s what both fighters wanted, and they got six minutes of it. Before the result was announced, Baron and Kiko shook hands and embraced each other. No more cheap shots. No more tricks up their sleeves. They were probably satisfied with their handiwork, probably too tired to throw one more anyways.

hayabusa-mma-uk-regenesis-bannerIn the end, this was what they asked for, and this was exactly what they got. “Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!?” shouted Baron after the result was read, eyes glaring at the drowning crowd in front of him. I only hope that a score was truly settled tonight.

URCC Geisler Matos 16John Hudson Go is the Editor-in-Chief of MMA Philippines.



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