PXC 51 Recap: Kwak and Lausa Become New Champs; Iniong and Dy Impress

PXC 51 11


7 Out of 9 Fights Go the Distance – Most in Fantastic Fashion


It was an awesome weekend for Filipino MMA fans as Pacific Xtreme Combat (PXC) returned to Manila with an eight-fight card at the Solaire Grand Ballroom, the first of four events between the Guam-based fight promotion and the casino resort.

PXC 51 did not disappoint as it was highlighted by two title matches between Kyle Aguon and Kwan Ho Kwak for the PXC World Bantamweight Championship and the much anticipated main event with Crisanto Pitpitunge facing Jenel Lausa for the vacant Flyweight Championship. Starting things off was…

Local MMA veteran Rex De Lara, who did his best Conor McGregor impersonation by starching Stephen Loman of Team Lakay 14 seconds into round 1 with a short right hand at the end of a fistic exchange. You can check out the KO on this link.

However, Han Seul Kim had to work extra hard to eke out a unanimous decision over Nao Yoneda in a fight where both played to their strengths. Yoneda’s lack of a set up game for his takedowns allowed the taller Korean to consistently score with straight lefts and ultimately decided the match. Han later said post-fight that he would like to fight Frank Camacho or avenge his loss to Zebaztian Kadestam for all the marbles at 170. With Han on the rise by picking up a win…

PXC 51 2

Korean Top Team’s Han Seul Kim dominated Nao Yoneda in the standup exchanges of their fight at PXC 51.

Ernie Braca had yet to win his first fight in the PXC. Many were hoping that he would finally be able to do so against Emiliio Urrutia. What was surprising about this fight was that Urrutia, the Tiger Muay Thai product, was the one going for takedowns against his Filipino opponent. To Braca’s credit, he almost managed to lock in several submission attempts and win the standup battle in a fight which could have gone either way. In the end, Braca breaks his duck by winning a split decision. Such an exciting back and forth battle was followed by…

PXC 51 12

Ernie Braca came so close to finishing Urrutia with this triangle choke at round 2 of their fight.

The fight between Wesley Machado and Sho Kogane with Kogane picking up a unanimous decision win in a fight where one was content to just lay on his back – let’s just leave it at that. With Kogane winning in a rather dour match up it was up to…

PXC 51 3

Guess who was too lanky and content to lie on his back?

PXC 51 4

In fairness to Kogane, he was trying to press the action, landing this beautiful right on Machado in the third.

Jon Cris Corton and Farmon Gafarov to energize the crowd and they did not disappoint as the two flyweights engaged in a high-level game of tag during the early part of the fight, with Corton securing a trip takedown and a full mount for a unanimous decision victory for the Team Lakay prospect. Things got even livelier when…

PXC 51 5

Farmon Gafarov’s counter striking was on point at PXC 51, baiting Corton to move into striking distance before throwing power rights and chaining combinations through the rounds.

PXC 51 14

In classic Lakay Wushu fashion, Jon Cris Corton made use of his kicks to deal damage and keep his opponent at bay.

Rolando Gabriel Dy fought Miguel Mosquera in a fight where Dy actually dropped Mosquera with a flying knee to the gut at the end of round 2. He then proceeded to go into full showboat mode, even goading the Submission Sport team members into hurling more than a few inebriated and unsavory remarks during the fight as Mosquera seemed outgunned and outclassed by Dy who showcased his much-improved clinch game and cage work highlighted by his use of over and underhooks, keeping his opponent one step behind for a unanimous decision victory. After the fight, Dy intimated that he will be staying at 145 for the foreseeable future. The out of ring entertainment served as a juicy appetizer for…

PXC 51 6

Dy’s striking and clinch game were impressive; had he not coasted through round 3, he could have showboated AND FINISHED the fight at the same time.

Gina Iniong, who registered the only submission of the night by making Vanessa Fernandez tap to a straight ankle lock which was started by Fernandez’ awesome fireman’s carry takedown but could not maintain the dominant position. The exchange favored Iniong, who moved into position to secure the leglock. This served as the perfect set up for the co-main event which was won by…

Kwan Ho Kwak, making him the new PXC World Bantamweight Champion with a unanimous decison win against Spike-22’s Kyle Aguon in a back-and-forth match which showcased both fighters strengths. In the end, it was Kwak’s takedown defense and flashy Hwoarang-esque offense that carried him to victory over the highly technical grappling style of Aguon. But all this paled in comparison to the main event, a pitched battle between two Filipino fighters at the top of their game…

PXC 51 7

Kwan Ho Kwak easily outpointed Kyle Aguon in the standup of their bantamweight championship fight.

PXC 51 8

Kwak punishes Aguon with elbows as the Guamanian repeatedly tried to take his opponent down.

PXC 51 15

Kwak trying to finish after dropping Aguon.

Which would be Crisanto Pitpitunge and Jenel Lausa for the vacant PXC World Flyweight Championship in a very close battle won by Lausa as the judges favored his takedown defense, boxing, and ground striking. One can also make a case for Pitpitunge for his distance control, kicking, and measured aggression especially on landing takedown after takedown towards the latter part of the fight.

PXC 51 9

“Gaya-gaya”: One of Jenel Lausa and Cris Pitpitunge’s many vicious exchanges during their flyweight title bout. Here, the competitors threw the exact same punch, jarring each other at the opening salvo of their fight.

PXC 51 10

Lausa and Pitpitunge were giving and taking as much as they could. In this exchange, Pitpitunge actually hurt Lausa, but the Team Insider stalwart would recover quickly.

PXC 51 11

Lausa was very fluid with his boxing, being able to utilize uppercuts like this in the wide array of strikes he threw at PXC 51.

PXC 51 17

In the championship rounds, Pitpitunge’s strength waned as Lausa continued to punish Cris with elbows to the body.

All in all, the PXC fans were the biggest winners of the night as they witnessed an awesome night of fights that concluded in a hair-raising finale between two of our country’s best. The next PXC card in Manila is slated for April this year. See you then, fight fan!




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