UFC on Fox 16 Reebok payouts (Here comes the money?)

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Because the Reebok money has to go somewhere, and it’s definitely not going to the cutmen.


With two UFC title fights in two consecutive weekends, let’s take a look at the Reebok sponsorships for the fighters of the recently concluded UFC on Fox 16: Dillashaw vs. Barao. Will the Reebok payouts of UFC 190 top the total for this one? We’ll see.

As if you didn’t know yet: Beginning July of 2015, Reebok is the exclusive fight week apparel sponsor for the UFC.

Reebok sponsorship amounts paid to fighters are based on tenure: 1-5 fights = $2,500; 6-10 fights = $5,000; 11-15 fights = $10,000; 16-20 fights = $15,000; more than 20 fights gets you $20,000. Title challengers get $30,000 and champions get $40,000.

Aside from UFC fights, Reebok will also credit fights under the Strikeforce and WEC promotion, from the time UFC parent company Zuffa purchased these companies, all the way until their dissolution. For Strikeforce, this covers events starting with Strikeforce Challengers 15 on April 1, 2011. For the WEC, this covers events starting with WEC 25 on January 20, 2007.

Please note that this sponsorship money is separate from the actual fight purses (show and win money) and post-fight bonuses.

In this card, we had one title fight, bringing the total Reebok payout up. Also, which WEC veteran maxed out the Reebok payout for non-title fights? Either go through this detailed breakdown complete with results, or scroll way down to the end of the article for a simplified Reebok payout list.


Main card:

T.J. Dillashaw defeated Renan Barao via fourth-round TKO

If Dillashaw weren’t the reigning UFC bantamweight champion, he would’ve gotten $5,000 for his 10th UFC fight. But since he is, he cashes in $40,000.

This was also Barao’s 10th UFC fight. He also has 2 WEC fights under Zuffa, so he would’ve been getting $10,000 for a non-title fight. As the challenger though, he receives $30,000. After two defeats to Dillashaw, Barao better get used to those non-title Reebok payouts.


Miesha Tate defeated Jessica Eye via unanimous decision

This was Tate’s 6th UFC fight. Also, 3 of her 8 Strikeforce fights were under Zuffa. She gets $5,000. Assuming she is indeed next in line for the title shot, she’ll get $30,000.

This was Eye’s 4th UFC fight. She gets $2,500. Aw man, co-main event girl didn’t get no Reebok love after building all that hype for the fight.


Edson Barboza defeated Paul Felder via unanimous decision

Barboza gets $10,000 for his 13th UFC fight. Felder gets $2,500 for his 3rd UFC fight. They probably used some of that money to buy something for their vertigo after all those spinning attacks.


Joe Lauzon defeated Takanori Gomi via first-round TKO

Lauzon, who basically acted as his own referee by calling the fight and walking away from a battered Fireball Kid, gets $15,000 for his 19th UFC fight. He probably felt sorry for the Japanese legend, because Gomi only gets $5,000 for his 10th UFC fight. Come on man, there’s gotta be some way you can convince Reebok to make your Pride, Shooto, and Sengoku fights count. Oh, by the way, what did referee Herb Dean and cutman Stitch Duran have in common? They never get a cent of that sponsorship money.



Tom Lawlor defeated Gian Villante via second-round KO

Thomas Lawlor (Hey, that’s what his Reebok jersey said at first! Good luck selling that.) gets $5,000 for his 10th UFC fight. This was Villante’s 6th UFC fight, and 4 of his 5 Strikeforce fights were under Zuffa. He also gets $5,000. Did anyone actually buy that Thomas Lawlor jersey? Maybe they could sell it as a limited edition collector’s item.


Tom Lawlor


@Reebok @ufc never once have I been announced as Thomas Lawlor. Thanks for putting the fighters at the forefront of the clothing #smh


Jim Miller defeated Danny Castillo via split decision

Miller gets $15,000 for his 20th UFC fight. This was Castillo’s 13th UFC fight. But wait! 8 WEC fights under Zuffa? Castillo has maxed out the Reebok payout for non-title fights. He gets $20,000.


Ben Saunders defeated Kenny Robertson via split decision

Saunders gets $5,000 for his 10th UFC fight. Robertson also gets $5,000 for his 8th UFC fight.


Bryan Caraway defeated Eddie Wineland via unanimous decision

This was Caraway’s 7th UFC fight. He also has 2 WEC fights under Zuffa. He gets $5,000. This was Wineland’s 8th UFC fight. Also, 6 of his 7 WEC fights were under Zuffa. (Inaugural WEC bantamweight champion, baby.) He gets $10,000.


James Krause defeated Daron Cruickshank via first-round submission (rear-naked choke)

This was Krause’s 6th UFC fight. He also has 2 WEC fights under Zuffa. He gets $5,000. Cruickshank gets $10,000 for his 12th UFC fight.


Andrew Holbrook defeated Ramsey Nijem via split decision

Holbrook gets $2,500 for his Octagon debut and for not having his own Wikipedia page yet. Nijem gets $5,000 for his 10th UFC fight.


Elizabeth Phillips defeated Jessamyn Duke via unanimous decision

Phillips gets $2,500 for her 3rd UFC fight. Duke also gets $2,500 for her 4th UFC fight.


Zak Cummings defeated Dominique Steele via first-round TKO

Cummings gets $2,500 for his 4th UFC fight. Dominique Steele (not his superhero name) also gets $2,500 for his Octagon debut.


UFC on Fox 16 Reebok payouts:

T.J. Dillashaw – $40,000 (champion)

Renan Barao – $30,000 (challenger)

Danny Castillo – $20,000 (after 12 previous fights plus 8 in WEC)

Jim Miller – $15,000 (after 19 previous fights)

Joe Lauzon – $15,000 (after 18 previous fights)

Eddie Wineland – $10,000 (after 7 previous fights plus 6 in WEC)

Edson Barboza – $10,000 (after 12 previous fights)

Daron Cruickshank – $10,000 (after 11 previous fights)

Takanori Gomi – $5,000 (after 9 previous fights)

Tom Lawlor – $5,000 (after 9 previous fights)

Ben Saunders – $5,000 (after 9 previous fights)

Ramsey Nijem – $5,000 (after 9 previous fights)

Gian Villante – $5,000 (after 5 previous UFC fights plus 4 in Strikeforce)

Miesha Tate – $5,000 (after 5 previous UFC fights plus 3 in Strikeforce)

Bryan Caraway – $5,000 (after 6 previous fights plus 2 in WEC)

Kenny Robertson – $5,000 (after 7 previous fights)

James Krause – $5,000 (after 5 previous fights plus 2 in WEC)

Jessica Eye – $2,500 (after 3 previous fights)

Jessamyn Duke – $2,500 (after 3 previous fights)

Zak Cummings – $2,500 (after 3 previous fights)

Paul Felder – $2,500 (after 2 previous fights)

Elizabeth Phillips – $2,500 (after 2 previous fights)

Andrew Holbrook – $2,500 (UFC debut)

Dominique Steele – $2,500 (UFC debut)




Total Reebok payouts of previous UFC events:

UFC Fight Night 72: Bisping vs. Leites – $110,000

UFC Fight Night 71: Mir vs. Duffee – $137,500

The Ultimate Fighter 21 Finale: Ellenberger vs. Thompson – $90,000

UFC 189: Mendes vs. McGregor – $235,000





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