Brandon “The Truth” Vera: “I don’t know the direction [the UFC is] going with”


Brandon “The Truth” Vera Talks About the UFC and ONE Championship


UFC veteran Brandon “The Truth” Vera is not a fan of the UFC’s recent decisions regarding its fighters and other employees.

Now residing in the Philippines, the former UFC heavyweight contender questions the new owners’ strategy following the UFC’s $4.2-B sale to talent management conglomerate WME-IMG. “With the new owners, it’s a conglomerate of investors, actors. I don’t know the direction they’re going with,” says Vera in an exclusive interview with MMA Philippines. “I know they cooled off Asia. [But] I know there’s still going to be UFC gyms here.”

The UFC recently announced their 2017 schedule, and while three of the events are targeted to happen in Asia, the specific countries and dates will still have to be revealed. Following the cancellation of UFC Fight Night: Penn vs. Lamas last October, Filipino fans are divided with regards to a UFC event being held here in 2017. Some are still hoping that the ‘rescheduled’ event would happen sooner than later, albeit with a better card, while others are pessimistic that the UFC and/or its local partner SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc. (SMLEI) would not risk another event following the dismal ticket sales reported for the cancelled event.

As the founder and co-owner of Alliance MMA, what disturbs Vera the most are the number of fighters and employees publicly airing their grievances with the UFC or parting ways with the promotion. “The fighters aren’t happy. They’re firing all the old guard staff there. The plans they have laid out so far don’t make sense. They’re getting rid of their commentators, the old matchmaker, I don’t know what they’re doing.”

Here are 5 Must-Haves from the MMA Philippines Christmas Bazaar 2016


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

MMA Philippines partners up with Hayabusa and Venum Philippines once more as we take part in the World Bazaar Festival for the second straight year!

This year, we’re slashing off prices from more items – even our recent arrivals – to fulfill every MMA fan’s Christmas wishlist. So how about we share with you five (of the many) great value items that we’ll be getting for ourselves?

1) Hayabusa Ikusa Recast Boxing Gloves (PHP 3,250 from PHP 4,500 above)


Hayabusa gloves are arguably one of the best in the market. When they redesigned their popular Ikusa line in 2015, they did more than just making the Recast look super bad-ass.

One of the major adjustments they made for the new line was redesigning the thumb position to allow for more space and movement for your thumbs. This was to address the concern of some users of the original 2012 line, who reported ‘thumb-stubbing’ and an awkward strain in their thumbs as a result of the more constricted thumb padding then.

Hayabusa continuously innovates on the quality of the engineered leather they use for their gloves. The Recast boasts of the same material as its big brother Tokushu Regenesis (10oz on sale at the bazaar), a huge leap in terms of its durability, while maintaining its winning features such as Hayabusa’s patented dual wrist closure system. What this means is years of superior protection for your sparring and heavy bag sessions inside the gym!

The Best Walkout Songs in the UFC

LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 23:  Jon Jones prepares to enter the Octagon before facing Ovince Saint Preux in their interim UFC light heavyweight championship bout during the UFC 197 event inside MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 23, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Walkout songs do more than set the mood for a fight

A fighter may choose a song to either calm him or build murder inside his head. Others choose a tune to represent where they come from. Some choose songs simply to prove that they have good taste in music. And once in a while, you bump into names like Akihiro Gono, Genki Sudo, and “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, whose entrances are as much fun as – if not more than – their performances once the cage doors shut.

It’s always fun to see our modern-day warriors embrace their time under the lights. Here are our 13 personal choices for the best entrance songs in the UFC in no particular order.

Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Bad Moon Rising”, Jim Miller

This writer is perhaps the biggest CCR fan under the age of 35 not obsessing on caffeine. This song screams jeprox, and Jim Miller has the style and attitude to go with it. Much like Fogerty and the crew, this Jersey boy is every inch a working class hero.

DMX, “Ain’t No Sunshine”, Anderson Silva

Just how many of Silva’s opponents has he defeated before they even lock horns? Blame it on his skill and reputation, which the GOAT has primed us with the haunting effect of DMX’s vocals as he takes a spin on this Bill Withers classic.

Poe, “Angry Johnny”, Jon Jones

jon jones 2

Click on the photo to listen to “Angry Johnny”.

Some people accuse Jones of hypocrisy: looking like a role model during post-fight interviews but outside the cage, his acts betray his intentions. Like the song, he is open for interpretations. One thing is certain, though: the song is as eclectic as his fighting style but it works. Damn straight, it does.